Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project #14

For Project 14, my group decided to do a lesson plan for a high school special education class. Math is the subject that we chose. In the duration of a week the students will be able to count money and use it effectively in their everyday life. This is a math lesson, but we have also incorporated a life skill. The lesson starts off with an introduction to money and the different values. With the introduction, we added a fun youtube video on counting money. Money Song. On the second and third day of the lesson, we are going to give the students a worksheet as well as allowing them to play money counting games on their ipads. Online Games. Worksheets. On the fourth day, the students will play a grocery shopping game to apply the money counting to life events. We found this game online, it seems to be adaptable to different levels of hardness which is good for a special education classroom.Game. The class will end with a collaborative project. The students are going to be assigned to groups of four. They will have 20 dollars to spend ($5 each), they will work as a team to pick four items that they can buy for less than 20 dollars. We will have this formed online so the students can do this on the ipad. PBL. Throughout the week the students will receive fake money, according to their behavior, to spend at the end of the week in the treasure box. This is a great way to see what the children have learned from the lesson while being rewarded for good behavior. Depending on the level of classroom I get, I will have to make accommodations to this lesson. After starting this lesson plan, I found out how hard it was to form a special education lesson without a class. When forming the lesson I will have to consider the children in the classroom.

Project Design Overview

Counting Money

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