Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blog Post #7

Strengths: Note Taking ,Directions ,Attentiveness

Weakness: Technology ,Busy Schedule ,Creativeness

What I need to do In order to give myself more time to learn I need to motivate myself to be the best I can be when learning to do something new. I also need to explore the web and become more technology savvy so that I am up to date on my learning.


How To Make A QR Code is a Youtube video that teaches you how to make a QR code on a computer like you would use in an MP3 player. This is very helpful when reading books in a classroom where a student needs the book read to him/her. The teacher can pre-record the reading of the book. Classroom Learning is a Youtube video that shows the students recording themselves read. The students record themselves reading books and then go back and watch themselves to see if he or she has made and mistakes. They are doing it on an ipad. This seems very useful in the classrooms for this purpose. Ipads could be used in every classroom for these kinds of activities. Alabama Virtual Library is about Alabama Virtual Library. The students have learned how to log in AVL on an ipad. They know how to use search engines. They chose topics to search and a bunch of things come up about the topic. Such as pictures, and introduction, and a video or audio recording. The students can listen or watch the clip and fill out a worksheet assigned for that activity. The students research, watch, and record everything by themselves from this center. Discovery Education is a video on Discovery Education in the classroom. The students log in using a password and their own information. They know how to create boards on this site. They are able to add images and videos. This video actually has a student in the video that teaches me how to use Discovery Education for making a board. After this activity the students wrote narratives. This wraps in a bunch of different activities for one lesson. I find this very useful for a classroom. The student is being a teacher in the video and I am the learner. Board Builder is about two students that used Board Builder. This video shows me that students are using more technology in classrooms than we are in college. The students have used great images and did well on research. What a fun project! Gulf Shores Board Builder Project is also about students using Board Builder. This is by far my favorite source used in the whole semester. The students use many great resources and images. I think the students passion for helping the community is amazing. I am very impressed by the girls abilities to search, build, and work the camera. I would like to sit in on one of these types of lessons soon. Imovie and AVL is a Youtube video with Elizabeth and Daphne. They are the media specialists in Daphne and Gulf Shores. Michelle talks about iMovie. The kindergarten students write scripts and use images on Trailers in iMovie at ages 5 and 6. Teachers are teaching things in more technology in today’s classrooms. Elizabeth talks about AVL. She explains that you can log on and teach students basic research. It will pull up many things the students can learn from. It is FREE. Everyone is a Learner is a Youtube video with Elizabeth and Michelle from the last video. This video is talking about learning. Michelle says that everyone becomes a learner and a teacher in the classroom, which I agree to. Michelle also mentions Padlet, which we use in class. A student teaching the teacher is encouraged.


  1. Hey Alexandria!
    I enjoyed reading over your post and share some of your weaknesses. I also need to learn more about technology to be able to apply it to my class. Your blog is informative about the videos and shows that you did watch them. Overall, the blog post was good, but I would suggest breaking the post up into different paragraphs because it is a little difficult to read.