Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning

Teachers should allow students to use smart phones in the classroom.It is a tool that is in the palm of their hands at all times. It is the humans best friend, therefore they are very familiar with it. The students and teachers use smart phones more than their laptops because they are more compact and accessible. On my Iphone I can do almost everything I can on my laptop, if not more. Also, more people have cell phones than laptops.

Cameras are used more in phones than regular cameras in todays society. Cameras in phones are very useful because they are compact. Also, cameras in phones can provide the student and teachers with on site photos that they can enter on the web through the phones. These things being compact together on the phone are great for bringing pictures to the web with easy access. It's an all around tool for many things you need in school.

Thankfully, my groups video project was on technology in the classroom and my part talked about cell phones in the classroom.Students can use their phones during class for many things. They can use the phone for calculation in math class. They can convert measurements.The students can use their phones to look up research. The students can also use their phones for taking information to class from home. Cellphones can be used for many things. After reading the assigned material, I noticed that one classroom in Australia has open phone tests. The students are trusted to use their phones in the right ways. As long as students use and don't abuse the use of cell phones in the classrooms, they should be allowed and used to the students and teachers advantage.


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