Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blog Post #8

Randy Pausch's lecture The Last Lecture,is uplifting. He teaches people to reach for their dreams at any cost no matter what you go through or what you don't think you can do, you can do anything. The "head fake", he talks about is a really cool approach. The head fake is when students think they are learning one thing but they are really learning multiple things through the project and or lesson. He says that your critics are your motivators and when your critics stop trying to critique you, that means you're doing something wrong. He also talks about trials and struggles that he goes through in life. Through his struggles, he never gave up. He kept pushing for his dreams.The dream fulfillment factory is a really neat thing made by him and his team. The way that he put technology into learning and schooling made more opportunities for people. We can conclude that Randy is an advocate of Project Based Learning. He is truly and inspiration for teachers and learners all over the world.

Randy Pausch

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