Monday, November 24, 2014

C4T #4

Beth Knittle
Beth's Blog

The first post I read from Beth was about education. This was my favorite post because it is true and it relates directly to an experience I am going through right now. College doesn’t take 4 years like advertised. Another thing she explains is that getting money to go to college isn’t easy. I love this post. It is a must read.
My Comment: Hi. My name is Alex and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I find this a very interesting post. When I was a senior in high school, multiple adults drilled into my head that I HAVE to go to college and it will ONLY take four years to get a good job that pays well. I am now noticing that the further I get in school, some of my peers that didn’t go to college are ending up making more money than me. My major is Special Education and I won’t be making much money at all. I will have student loans for probably the rest of my life because of the tuition going up to build a bigger and better football stadium. I am all for school spirit, but why not help the students out? We must make sure future students know that it is very hard and almost impossible to graduate college in four years. Unless the student takes 18 hours per semester, and takes summer classes, he or she won’t be able to graduate within four years. Colleges have drifted away from helping the students succeed, to helping the school grow. Most colleges don’t care about what is best for the student in the long run, they care more about what is better for the school. In my opinion, it shouldn’t take a teacher 5 years to graduate college. (Especially considering the pay that teachers receive) I hope that generations after me receive more help from the college of their choice than mine did.

The second post that I commented on was a post about connecting. Beth speaks of a story from her past and working with a team. She explains that coming together and connecting in the education world are important.
My Comment: Hi Beth! I agree! When teaming up with each other, we seem to get a bigger and better outlook for education. In my EDM 310 class, we are learning the importance of connecting with different educators around the world. This will better our systems and ideas for the classroom. Best of wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!

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