Monday, November 24, 2014

Blog Post 5 Part 2

My PLN has definitely grown over the semester. On my first post, Symbaloo was my only PLN, that has changed drastically. Now I have Symbaloo as well as other people in the Mobile County school system. Laurin Tew, is one of the women that give me advice and help in the education world. Mackenzie Easley is also in the school system that has recommendations and advice to go towards my career. Not only do I have people locally to add to my PLN, I also have the educators that I have connected with over C4T's. This exercise is a very good way to help connect. I also have people that I follow on Twitter and Pinterest that give me ideas and new tools to use in the classroom. I am very thankful; for this class and for the opportunities I have had to meet new people and broaden my learning system.

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