Thursday, September 11, 2014

Project #15 Search Engines

Wolfram Alpha, is a site engine that gives you information about anything you want to know about or calculate. I am currently reading Great Expectations by Charles Dicks and I put that in the search and everything I need to know about the book is there. I also typed in, “How many days until Christmas” because Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The exact number of days came up, as well as other important days. I find this very helpful if I need to know a calculation or information about anything specific.
Wolfram Alpha

Duck Duck Go, is the first engine that I picked. After asking once again, “How many days until Christmas”, it gave me a specific number of days and also gave me different sites underneath about the topic I asked about. After entering in Great Expectations it popped up just as Google would if you entered it in there. The first site one the page was Wikipedia, and the second was Spark notes. I think this site would be good if you needed to know multiple websites to look at for information about something. It works like Google.
Duck Duck Go

Dogpile is my second pick. This search engine gives you categories of things you want to search. Such as, web, images, video, news, local, shopping, and white pages. After picking your category, you can type what you want to search in the blank. I find this useful because it is a search engine that combines Google and Yahoo into one. This means that you get double the results when searching.

My third choice is Ixquick search engine. This search engine is kind of plain in a way. It doesn’t give the searcher many results. It has tabs you can choose from such as web, images, videos, and phone. The only thing I found helpful in this search engine is the fact that you can actually look up phone numbers for businesses or people. Besides looking up phone numbers I didn’t find this search engine helpful at all.

Yahoo is the fourth search engine I explored. I haven’t ever really used Yahoo I’ve always used Google for searching. Yahoo looks amazing. I believe you could find anything on Yahoo. It has so many things you can look at and explore. It has different and more complex tabs such as health, style, dating, and travel. This engine also has the weather on it as well as the newest movies, trends, and news circulation around in todays society. It also has what’s trending and games. Searching and playing around on this engine will leave you with endless possibilities. This search engine is my favorite so far.

Bing is the next search engine I have looked at. Bing is similar to Yahoo. Bing gives you choices that you can pick from when entering your search such as videos, news, maps, and more etc. This search engine does well when searching for things, but it isn’t quite as complex as Yahoo. On the bottom of the screen it gives the viewer some insider on what is happening in todays society. I like this search engine. I think it would be useful in searching anything you would search in Google, but it still doesn’t live up to the standards of Yahoo.

Excite is a search engine similar to Bing and yahoo except it looks a little outdated. It has updated information such as the Ray Rice case in the NFL. It gives you Business News, Technology News, Health News, Entertainment News, and Top News. Even being outdated this search engine still offers valuable information. You can Explore, Book Flights, Play games, and create your own page. This search engine would work just as Google does. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite search engine. It needs to be upgraded and creatively structured.

Ask is the last search engine I have explored. Ask looks just as complex as Bing. The thing I like about Ask is that it gives you a question of the day. I think this is really cool when wanting to learn new facts. It also gives you the previous questions under the question for that particular day. The other search engines didn’t have this, so that is the only difference from Bing. I find this helpful when wanting to know certain websites for things. It works the same way as bing but is less complex than others such as Yahoo and Google.

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