Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Post #3

The video What is Peer Editing?is very useful when learning the proper way to peer edit. When peer editing we are cautious about what we say so that we will not hurt the persons feelings. This video tells us that the proper way to start off a comment is to compliment the person. I feel like this is very useful because it starts the comment off with a good vibe. Then it proceeds to tell us that we need to stay positive throughout the comment. It gives us the idea that instead of telling the person that his or her post is bad, we should make suggestions on how to improve this. If someone commented on one of my posts this way, I would greatly appreciate it and feel like they were trying to help instead of bashing my work.

I really like the slideshow Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial editing is revising, improving, and editing someones paper that is your own age. This powerpoint also tells the reader to be cautious of what they say to the writer. It reminds us to talk to them the way we would want them to talk to us. This powerpoint also tells the reader to start off with compliments as the youtube video did. I think this is a great start to a comment or edit. It gives you the same pointers as the first video did and gives you some things to practice while reading the powerpoint.

The video Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes is my favorite source from this group of sources. The way the kids made the lesson fun made me want to pay more attention. This source also gave us new pointers when peer reviewing. I feel that the other two sources were repeats of the same information. This source gave us new information such as "Too Loud Larry", being a factor when peer reviewing. This is true as are others when dealing with face to face peer review.

Two Students Peer Reviewing


  1. Very good post this week! Loved the links and picture :)

  2. I liked the last source as while. It made learning this more interesting. It can hold your attention and keep you interested. I hate when I have a peer grading me, but it isn't so bad when they are honest. I don't want someone to edit and be to shy to tell me it needs to be fixed. You have great points on why these sources are good and I have to agree.